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Extreme Obedience

This is my product of extreme obedience.  Its Called BELOVED…by this they will know.

Much Love, eg


We each have been given a responsibility. According to our ability, we are delegated corresponding responsibilities. For some of us it is simply that we are Fathers and Mothers. As a man we have increased Testosterone that gives us the ability to have increased muscle mass to protect our families and to hunt/gather or provide. As women, we have wombs that grant us the ability to give birth to new life and breast that grant the ability to nurture others. Without ever going deeper into individual talents and giftings, the Father has demonstrated to us simply though creation, what some of our abilities are. When we were given these abilities, we were also given the responsibility to use them to the best of our ability.
Just like the Parable of Minas in Luke 19, some of us take these abilities and are proactive in our lives. As men, we understand that we have received certain body structure and testosterone and now have the ability to provide, cultivate and protect others including women as the weaker vessel. So most men properly appropriate the abilities that testosterone affords them and take on the responsibility to protect their house, their family, their spouse, their sister etc. And so they use their God given natures to seek and destroy, to hunt and gather and bring back supply for those in their care. Likewise, most women understand that created within them is an ability to receive and multiply. The womb added to man (woman; wombed man), coupled with estrogen has manufactured an internal system that multiplies whatever is deposited within her. Given seed, it is multiplied and turned into a newborn life that can likewise procreate. Given food, it is multiplied and turned into a meal. Given a house, it is multiplied and turned into a home. Whatever is received is deposited within and has the ability to multiply and be turned into something greater.
But what happens when those abilities are not understood? Or what happens when those abilities are understood but are not acted upon? This is where we see many Christians acting like the servant in the Parable of the Minas/Talents and only returning what was given.
A Christians, sometimes we adopt the misconception that everything we do is scrutinized by heaven and so we walk in fear. Fear of failure, fear of flesh, fear of being anxious, fear of missing the mark. Everything is fear because we desire to be righteous and in right standing with the Creator and giver of our talents. We do not want to risk messing up and losing what He has given so we ‘walk on egg shells’ and invite timidity in our assignments so we will not be found to have lost anything. However, the Parable of Minas/Talents demonstrates that the Father is not interested in our safe keeping of our abilities and talents. He actually calls this wickedness in the parables. Not only was this ‘safe’ servant called wicked but what was given to him/her was then TAKEN and given to the servant to risked it all trading in efforts to give back MORE than what was given him.
God is not looking for safe saints. He is looking for those that will lose their lives and risk everything in efforts to simply please Him and give back more than what was given them. What are you doing in life that is pro-acting your abilities and God-given talents? Are you risking it all for the sake of giving back more than you were given? Or are you fearful of what the Master will say if you lose any part of what He has given upon His return? Don’t be found a wicked servant. Brothers/Sisters let us Love our neighbor more than ourselves. Men, let us PROTECT the interests of our family more than our own. Women, be wise and build your home rather than tear it down with your words. Let us risk it all for the Father and return unto Him more than He has given us. Let nothing around us be found lacking because we have hidden it in fear, lest we be called wicked by the one we care most about.

Beloved, be BOLD in your abilities and actions to meet the needs of others. The altar of our heart sanctifies our pro-action, but our fear of pro-action produces judgment upon His return~ eg

I’m tired…

I’m tired of missing the mark.  Tired of falling short.  Tired of this world holding so much power over others’ judgment of my intentions.

Is anyone else tired of loving, only to be hated?  Showing ourselves friendly, but yet lacking true friendship.  I’m tired of hearing, “You are anointed!”  Yet the blind do not see and dead are not raised.  Personally, I’m tired of doing good.  I’m tired of doing good and watching evil intentions return as a boomerang.  When will good be multiplied and we eat the harvest thereof?  When will the righteous receive their just reward?   When will the blinded eyes be opened and evil be called, Evil?  Yes, I once heard that maybe in the time to come, in the sweet ‘by and by’ but what about the ‘here and now?’   What about, No man leaving mother, brothers or forsaking all for my sake shall he not receive a blessing – in this life…and in the life to come?  What about, whatsoever you ask, when you pray, believe you receive it and it will be done unto you?  What about the life of the man who lives only to hear His still small voice in secret, yet is pained with the boisterous shouts of condemnation in public?  What keeps that man pressing forward?  Surely nothing of this earth….

The church organizations say, “Yes and Amen” yet live more defeated lives than the citizens of Sodom and Gomorrah behind closed doors.

The wicked say, “No, and ask amiss” yet taunt the righteous with their revelry, fallacious imagery and lascivious content.

This is not right!  This is vanity.  This should not be so.

This world is burning and the things of it, it is obvious, yet the righteous have not risen to take their rightful place.  The righteous and wicked are seemingly desirous of the same end; material blessings.  Yes, their routes may be different but the goals of their hearts are the same end; material blessings. How this vexes my soul.  How can one sit contrite before the Lord, but be counted haughty and prideful before men.  When the Father says, “Say ____” to them , in hearing these words the secular world may be convicted, yet in hearing the same words, the body of believers say “Amen” then turn and in secret, curse your name.  When the Father says, “Do ______” to them or for them, in seeing these deeds the world may acknowledge a divine relationship, but in seeing the same deeds the body of believers acknowledge a man that is super spiritual or too deep and unnecessarily holy; surely desirous of attention.

This is not right! This is vanity.  This should not be so.

Why is it so easy to have a relationship in the world but so taxing amongst the body of  believers?  What happened to, “Esteem others higher than yourself?”  And, “They will know you are my followers by the way you Love me?”  What happened to giving up of our self, our will and our judgment to see through the eyes of Christ?  Has the spirit of anti-Christ infiltrated even the ranks of the elite?  Why are the children of darkness more empathetic than the children of light?   Where have the medics of the Church gone?

When deeds can be seen amongst men or fits into our schedule, “I’m all for it” but when it’s not comforting to the flesh or disrupting of one’s schedule, “It must not be God.”   When did the Father have to start consulting our day-planners, our calendars, or the comforts of our flesh to give us instructions?  I thought we were recruited as soldiers.   Most soldiers I know are not so concerned about the cares of this world that they are distracted on the field of battle.  Most soldiers are actually so regimented for war and the goal of the Company and its assigned mission that they have to be reintroduced to civilian status.  When did believers start finding it so easy to vacillate from the battlefield to the life of a civilian (secular Christendom)?  When will we acknowledge that we are always in a spiritual fight and are always protecting something, someone or some mission?   We have seemingly become so geared towards worldly acceptance, that we have left our mission.  We have left our callings of assignment and forsaken our fellow soldiers in battle.   Now our fellow brothers, sisters and comrades are bleeding and wounded but most of us are tired of blood, tired of warring and just want peace in our lives.   Even in the heat of battle I see chosen ones called to be medics forsaking assignments, replacing it with day-planner and daily festivities when the war is slaying even the elect.

I see it, you see it and I am tired.

Not tired of treating my brothers and sisters wounded from battle, because  if they are willing to get up and return to battle after being wounded, I am willing to join the battle; to the end.  But contrariwise, I am tired of us, fighting and stopping.  Fighting and stopping.  Fighting and giving up.  Having a mission then forsaking the mission.

We must advance, we must keep going.  There are so many lives at stake.  We cannot afford to stop and then out of our shame and conviction began to point out everything wrong with everyone and everything else (governments and authorities included).  The truth is, we have an assignment.   And our eternal responsibilities are far more important than our shame.  If we love Him we need to keep His commandments.  Keep His missions and keep His covenants.  We must stop filling ourselves with so much secular garbage and began protecting the missions the General (Father) has assigned us.  Stop discouraging others in the body of Christ.  Stop talking about one another.  Stop backbiting.  Stop degrading your children, your spouses, your brothers and sisters.   Stop tearing down what you should be building up.  Let us find something worth giving our lives for and defend it until the end.  Don’t worry about the next man’s faults until we clearly see our own.  And should the Father shows us something that needs correcting, let us go to the person He talked to us about, not to our neighbors or fellow parishioners.

This will cause us to tear down, at a time when we should be advancing, building and pressing towards the mark.

Let us wake up, and continue to press towards the mark; until death.  Let us rebel against everything fighting in us that is not of Him, if we don’t, we are in danger of judgment and many will die as a result of our disobedience.  Let us not be weary in our well doing, for in due season we will reap…….. if we faint not.

I’m am tired… but I will NOT faint.  Faint not family.  Keep pressing and faint not ~ eg

Heavenly Wisdom vs. Demonic Wisdom: Word Watching

To my utter dismay, lately I have been witnessing people all around me living defeated lives and forfeiting their spiritual assignments.  I see it and the Father immediately tells me that, “They have talking about ____ (someone).”  Meaning, they have not been watching their words.  In the book of James the third chapter verses 13-18 he talks about the difference between heavenly wisdom and demonic wisdom.  Verse 13  Starts off by saying, “Who is wise and understanding among you?”  Meaning who thinks they have wisdom about someone or understands their heart enough to talk about them?  The verse continues, “Let him show by good conduct that his works are done in the meekness of wisdom. 14 But if you have bitter envy and self seeking in your hearts, do not boast and lie against the truth. 15 This wisdom does not descend from above, but is earthly, sensual, demonic…” Meaning, 13)  If you think you know something about someone first live a life of good conduct that demonstrates the humility of being under the Fathers instruction (wisdom).  14) If you are not doing this, then everything you say will simply be boasting and lying against what is true (or what the Father knows to be truth). 15) This wisdom or revelation or understanding you have about _____- (someone) is actually earthly (or of the flesh), based on what you can see with your natural eyes  (senses) and more or less demonic.  Yes, the bible states that it is demonic.  And actually heavenly wisdom and understanding is described in verse 17 as “pure, peaceable, gentle, willing to yield, fully of mercy and good fruits and without partiality or hypocrisy..” (meaning not holding someone else to standards you yourself are not living by).

To me, words are powerful and weighty.  This is why we will give account of every idle and meaningless word we speak in the Day of Judgment because whether we see the effects or not, our words produce fruit of which we are responsible (Matthew 12:36).  Unfortunately, the lack of this knowledge is destroying a lot of saints in the body of Christ.  We are inviting poverty, disease and strife into our lives by putting our mouth on other people.  We are never qualified to gossip or talk negatively about someone.  That is Satan’s job and as James describes it in verse 15, a demonic assignment.

Consider this: 

How would you talk about King David if you saw him scoping Bathsheba sunbathing (2 Samuel 11:2), and later inviting her to his chambers?  Would you still esteem David as a man of God (much one after God’s own heart) in your conversations?  How would your conversations change about David?

If you are being misjudged:

I Corinthians 2:15, But he who is spiritual judges ALL things, yet he himself is RIGHTLY judged by no one.  Only the Father can correctly and rightfully judge you. So do not allow yourself to be judged by the world, or by others misguided in the faith.

And if you are putting your mouth on anyone at all:

Matthew 5:22 “But I say unto you, That whosoever is angry with his brother without a cause shall be in danger of the judgment: and whosoever shall say to his brother, Raca, shall be in danger of the council: but whosoever shall say, Thou fool, shall be in danger of hell fire.”


Jude 9 “ Yet Michael the archangel, in contending with the devil, when he disputed about the body of Moses dare not bring against him a reviling accusation, but said, “ The Lord rebuke you!”

Even the archangels refuse to gossip and bring a reviling word against Satan himself, so why do we bring reviling words against our own brethren/sisters?  We are family, and as such should protect one another in faith.  It is our duty and responsibility and unfortunately doing the opposite causes a curse and brings forth demonic activity in our lives.  So let us hold our tongues and in so doing close the door to poverty, sickness and discord in our lives. Most of all- Be encouraged to hold your tongue in dealing with the brethren.  Judge righteously and dwell in heavenly wisdom and understanding of which James categorizes as pure, peaceable, gentle, willing to yield, full of mercy and good fruits, without partial bias or holding others to standards that you yourself do not yet abide by.

Beloved, let us truly dwell in Love with one another ~eg

Generally speaking, most Jews miss Jesus as the messiah for the very same reasons He is the messiah.  He did everything for us.  He came to restore us BACK into right-standing (righteousness) with the Father –as in the Garden. To do this He had to fulfill EVERY aspect of atonement and law keeping that was required of man (because of Adams FALL), fulfill prophecy concerning the messiah and then He had to redeem us from the enemy by taking back the authority of Death, Hell and Grave now possessed by Satan through the great deception in the Garden.  Before the Fall of Man in the Garden there was no sacrifice or spilling of animals blood for our sins, no law keeping, and no disconnect between God and Man.  We walked and talked with The Father and were One, so to speak.   After the Fall of man, the disobedience placed a disconnect between us and the Father.  A disconnect that was so dividing, it caused us to die Spiritually (headed for Hell) and also caused sin take over our mortal bodies.  Our appetite was no longer for Him (the Father) but for our flesh.  We now had a knowledge of what we thought we needed to be more efficient and since we were disconnected from the Father and His wisdom, man had to rely on his own limited and mis-directed knowledge to now judge what was good and bad.  That was NEVER a knowledge or judgment the Father wanted us to have on our own.   So eventually, all of our decision making (without connection to HIM) brought us further and further from Him and closer to the desires of the Flesh.  This is the reason the Father had to come up with Laws and Traditions and Rituals to atone sins and build a pseudo connection (via our works) to the Father.  The actions of Law, tradition and ritual established a connection with Him.  Although not like the internal connection in the Garden before the Fall, we at least could now be AWARE of our sins and show our allegiance to the Father via these actions.    So EVERY law, no matter how small or great, all 631 commandments were given to the chosen people (Jews) of Israel solely in efforts to establish some sort of connection with the Father and remorse or punishment for our sins.  For without these acts the Father would not have entrance into their lives.  Think about it, there was no Bible, no Holy Spirit, no connection… NO CONNECTION!  We can not even fathom NOT being connected to the Father.  No matter how lost we are in this life, present day.  No matter how far we stray.   We STILL have a connection via the Fulfillment of Jesus as Messiah.  Jesus came to once and for all be our last living sacrifice.   The second Adam (reconnected).  The redeemer of our sins (reconnection).  The mediator (reconnector back to the Father).  The Spiritual Life Giver (reconnection; no longer spiritually dead in sin).   But to do this, Jesus had to fufill every aspect of the Law by keeping every aspect of it.  He was perfect and without blemish, therefore allowed to be the last needed sacrificial lamb for our sins (with His divine blood).   So if we look at the Law from this angle (as a connecting point of relationship to the Father) then we can see why the Tithe, why, the commandments, why, the Sacrifices and Feasts and why, He wanted them separate from the world (not mixing or ministering to the Gentile).  The Father was trying to preserve the Jews and provide the Jews  a connection to Him.   We can talk WHY- individually about each law if you want e.g., tithe, animal sacrifices, feasts, tabernacle etc.  But essentially every law was given as a connecting point back to the Father.  The law infiltrated EVERY aspect of living.  How to worship – Where to worship (Tabernacle) – How to build the tabernacle – How to raise your kids and punishment of disobedience (stoning) – What belonged to the Father (tinth- tithe) –  even on down to what to do with women on their cycles (set them outside the camp).  There were many, many laws and commandments, but they all carried the same goal – to be penalties for our sin (as fallen man) and to establish a connection between fallen/dead man back to the Father.

Now in the New Testament Jesus came to pay the Price for ALL of our sins…from Adam to you and I and all others  in-between…so to do that He kept all the Laws, formerly impossible for a man in a fallen state (without the Holy Spirit) and then upon going to Hell (after His body died on the Cross) He was able to raise from the dead with the keys to Death, Hell and Grave, taking away the spiritual death AND DISCONNECTION from those that would believe in HIM and that He had done such a feat.  This is why the veil at the Tabernacle was ripped in two pieces when He died on the cross.  Because our sins were now upon His shoulders as the lamb but His blood was perfect AND eternal.  So sin was not just atoned (or covered up as with animal sacrifice) but it was eternally remitted and cleansed from man and now we again had CONNECTION to the Father, via Jesus’ blood and no longer needed an earthly high priest to go before us into the tabernacle to make atonement for our sins (as WAS the law) for a fallen disconnect people of God.

So in this CONNECTED state that we are in, the Father has the ability to use every aspect of our lives.  He is now IN us so we no longer need to consciously set aside one day to be Holy (which they could only do by almost doing nothing –no activity – because without connection there was no capacity to understand holiness).  Now, we have the capacity to LIVE holy- Everyday.  The Father can instruct us to give a little (10%) or that we should give it all, since now we have CONNECTION and communication we can understand and comprehend that IT ALL IS HIS ANYWAY.   You see, when Jesus came it ALL changed.  Most people think it made it easier, since we no longer live by rules.  But in reality, though rules no longer govern us….. THE RULER does.    And when we submit everything to HIM- EVERYTHING… sometimes just following rules seems a whole lot easier  🙂

To he that hath an ear, eg

Doing things you have already done before…


Sometimes when the Father speaks to us it’s to do something that we are already familiar with. Maybe it’s some things that we have already done before. Oftentimes, the previous time did not yield any fruit, so the enemy fights with us by sending darts of discouragement and disbelief. At this time we should be encouraged to understand that the obedience of our actions are what yields results, not the actual method that the Father asks us to use. Oftentimes, in our fallen stated and limited knowledge of what’s good or evil, we esteem actions over obedience. This is a clever device of Satan. If he can get us to focus on our actions and what the world esteems of our actions, or the previous results of our actions, then he can paint a picture of what the end will be before we even arrive. From this false end, we determine if the actions are worth it, never accounting the facts of obedience. Our obedience far outweigh any linear thought processes 2+2=4. Our obedience is supernatural in scope and can only be properly accounted via measurements of spirit. For when we judge based upon our limited knowledge when can only see results of what is directly in front of us and usually based upon what has already happened in the past. However, when we are obedient regardless of what the enemy tries to bring to our minds about what we ‘know’, the Father is able to take our actions and account them as faith and righteousness, and supernaturally bless our obedience. Biblically we see the Son of God demonstrating this principle is Luke 5: 1-11. Jesus asked to use Simon’s boat to minister the gospel. After which He told Simon to “Launch out into the deep and let down your nets for a catch.” in verse 4. And Simon replied, “”Master, we fished all night and caught nothing. But based on your word, I will do it again.” They caught so many fish that their nets began to break, and had to signal to other partner fisherman to come and assist and their boats began to sink under the weight of all the fish. When Simon saw this he realized that he initially judged the actions solely via the limited knowledge of good and evil. Never accounting the true of facts of how obedience to the Son of God far outweighs just the actions or methods. But when embraced as Obedience to the Father, it is accounted as Faith and will yield supernatural results.

For this reason alone, we can be encouraged. Be encouraged to do what the Father has told you, even though you have already done it before..many times. Embrace His voice as Obedience and not a mere method, and it will be accounted to you as Faith and yield supernatural

First Blog

I amjust responding to a tug in my heart that the Father has placed there for quite some time.  For awhile now I have been led to seek the Father in secret.  Away from it all.  Away from family, friends, acquaintances, business pleasures, and ministry pleasures.  Its almost as if the Father has taken my 5-10year chart plans, erased everything and handed me back directives that disagree with everything I thought I knew of myself.  Everything I once esteemed truth has either been challenged or affirmed in circumstances that are carefully and fearfully orchestrated by the hands of my sovereign Father.  I never would’ve considered my future to look like anything I see around me.  Besides having children, a virtuous wife of my youth and serving the Father, nothing else seems ‘familiar’ to my initial plans received from the Father.  I liken it to the story of Abraham and the command to bring Isaac to the altar.  Shortly after Abraham’s negligent obedience to his Heavenly Father’s commands… there was another to replace his son with a ram that was caught in a nearby thicket.  This blog will be dedicated to that transition period and what we battle during adherence to the Father’s creative mastery over our life plans.  To he that hath an ear…eg